James Duerr is an Independent candidate for Congress in Texas’s 27th district, so he does not represent special interests, Super PACs, or the party elites.


James is our one and only hope of bringing sanity back to our education system, which has been taken hostage by one politician after another. Our teachers and education system are the lifeblood of the nation, providing us with a steady future.


James will do whatever it takes to uphold our second amendment.


From the roads you travel to the bridges your cross and between our infrastructure is the key to enabling our diverse economy here in District 27. James will focus on the reparation and strengthening of our district infrastructure.


A country without borders simply is not a country. A border unenforced is not a border at all. We know what is coming across our borders, and we must stop it. The United States offers MANY ways to enter and stay in our country LEGALLY. We must only give preference to those foreign nationals who choose to enter our country and stay here LEGALLY.


James believes in the preservation of all innocent human life and thus he opposes abortion.