James Duerr for Congress

Hello, my name is James Matthew Duerr, 27th District Congressional candidate and I need your support to bring Texas values to Washington DC. I wish to be a Public Servant (not a politician) serving the needs of the great state of Texas for the 27th Congressional District.

Here are some of the things you should know:

I’m Pro Life!

I am an Eagle Scout from St. Pius X Church here in Corpus Christi.

I want lower taxes, tort reform, education, energy, God, more jobs, and a debt free America for our children.

I’m also pushing for federal term limits because we need leadership up there who’s not going to do what the party tells them to do.

Furthermore, I fully support our law enforcement, and even attended the Citizen’s Police Academy.

I will provide a realistic approach from my experience on the Del Mar College Board of Regents, a non-partisan board where everyone just worked together for the common good of students. My hope and prayer is to basically to be able to extrapolate that type of board, that type of togetherness … on a larger scale, in District 27.